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The Byron Toy Sculpting

The Byron Toy: Byron’s favorite hobby is sculpting. She is a talented and creative woman who always finds time for her art.

Test your knowledge of local Byron businesses with this interactive exhibit. Learn about the Byron cheese factory, clamming industry and other Byron business. This exhibit also includes historic photographs and artifacts from a local privy dig.

Designed With Your Pleasure in Mind.

The Byron Toy was designed with your pleasure in mind, featuring innovative pulsation technology to deliver waves of air to your clitoris for sensations like no other. With ten unique suction settings, you can customize the intensity to your exact preferences. The Byron is also compact and lightweight, making it the perfect travel companion. Whether you’re using it solo or with your partner, the Byron will quickly become your new favourite.

George Gordon Byron, the most extravagant bad boy of Romantic period literature, is well known for his narrative poems Don Juan and Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage. He was also a lover of horses, and had a lame club foot, which led to his nickname “the Count of Monte Carlo”.

Despite his reputation as an uncompromisingly pessimistic man, Byron possessed a spirited unconscious self which he often disguised behind emotional artifices. In his poem ‘Epitaph to a Dog’, he wrote of his pet, Boatswain, who was killed by rabies, describing him as “a creature so devoted to life” and his “loving heart”.

A fascination for the supernatural drove Byron to embrace gothic flamboyance. At his family’s home, Newstead Abbey, he created a haunted house atmosphere, decorating with skulls, coffins and skeletons. Skulls from monks buried at the abbey served as flowerpots, while his own ancestor’s skulls were used to make drinking mugs.

Byron also encouraged his friend Mary Shelly and her lover Percy Shelly to write ghost stories. Their work inspired future interpretations of vampires, from Dracula to Twilight. One of the most famous of these was ‘The Vampyre’, written by Byron’s doctor, William Polidori. The novel portrayed the vampires as seductive female spies, rather than the villager spectres of folklore and Europe’s traditional depictions of the undead.

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Perfect For Solo Play.

The Byron Black Inner Band Trainer Large Dildo plays great with its own 3.75 inch wide suction cup for hands-free action scenes that you can perform solo or in front of a partner. It also works well with any quality larger strap-on harness like the Tantus Silicone O-Ring Strap-On Harness. This sleek toy is designed to gradually stretch the sphincter muscles, both the inner and outer bands.

This beautiful device is made from body-safe, medical-grade silicone and has ten unique suction settings for customising your pleasure. It’s compact, easy to clean and USB rechargeable, making it the perfect travel companion for your next vacation or romantic getaway.

It’s also a great addition to your bedside or nightstand. Place it near your baby and let its familiar scent help settle them to sleep. Parents often use these comfort plush toys to help their children move away from co-sleeping arrangements, especially when transitioning to a crib.

Making people smile is ceramic sculptor Byron Williamson’s biggest motivation. He creates wacky, funny pieces that he hopes make their owners laugh and connect with them in some way. He’s inspired by everyday events, experiences and his childhood, which he believes makes his work relatable.

Versatile For Couples.

A beautiful addition to your couple’s pleasure collection. The Byron Toy can be enjoyed solo or shared with your partner. The pulsation technology and ten unique suction settings ensures there’s something for everyone.

OB Design’s comfort plush toys are commonly used to help settle babies and children to sleep. They are flat which makes them light for little hands to hold and parents commonly use them to help transition away from co-sleeping arrangements. Byron is the perfect size for newborn cuddles and toddler adventures and features a toy hook to keep it close by. Suitable for ages 0+.

OB Designs’ toys are designed to the highest standards, however if used incorrectly they may pose a choking hazard. Always supervise use.

The Perfect Travel Companion

When Byron’s not roaming the world, he can be found at home in Byron Bay. He enjoys the sea change, a good surf and coffee at Top Shop. He loves spending time with his two mates Glen and Glenda Coo who you may have seen on their travels around Instagram!

Byron has a love for nature, old castles and mountains. He’s always looking for his next adventure!

The Byron Toy is an ideal travel companion as it’s compact and easy to pack. It’s also lightweight and comfortable for little hands to hold. Its innovative pulsation technology delivers waves of air to your clitoris for an incredible sensation.

It also features ten unique suction settings so you can adjust the intensity to suit your needs. It’s a versatile device that can be used solo or with a partner and is perfect for those who like to explore different sensations.

George Gordon Byron was a controversial English Romantic poet who is known for his narrative poems such as Don Juan and Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage, sexy scandals and aristocratic excesses, not to mention his lame club foot. Despite being an unpopular figure with the establishment, he was loved by millions of people for his poetry, erotica and his outrageous persona, which has been described as “a sort of Regency Elvis Mania.”

When he was at the family estate in Newstead Abbey, Byron loved to entertain himself by acting out his gothic flamboyance. He hung coffins in his dining room and collected skulls from monks who had been buried there, as well as his own. He even had a mug made from one of the skulls and served drinks in it at parties.

During his summer with the Shelleys at Lake Geneva in 1816, Byron suggested they spend their afternoons writing ghost stories. Mary Shelly went on to write Frankenstein and Byron’s doctor William Polidori wrote ’The Vampyre’, which was the first story to feature a vampire as a literary character rather than a peasant spectre or villager spectre with talon-like fingernails (like those in Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu). The Byron Toy is inspired by these vampires and is perfect for those who want to experience the sexy, sensual pleasure of oral stimulation without the risk of germs or unsanitary conditions.

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