Tanaka Tia

Beauty Of Tanaka Tia

Tia Tanaka is a tiny 5’2” brunette stunner who balances digital technologies with a peaceful connection to nature. She is a Central Saint Martins graduate with an impressive portfolio that includes fashion, beauty and art.

She emigrated to the US at age one with her mother and lived in New York before moving to California. She began modeling under the pseudonyms Sasha Lei and Mulan Wang, until Ed Powers gave her the name Tia Tanaka in 2006.

Tanaka Tia is a Fashion Designer

Tia Tanaka is a fashion designer based in Los Angeles. Her designs have a narrative approach, incorporating elements from her personal artistic expression and her love of animation. She is currently completing her Central Saint Martins Bachelor’s degree in Womenswear and brings a wealth of experience from the industry. She is also an established performer in explicit hardcore porn movies. Her performance is a blend of creativity and fun. It is the perfect way to experience sexual magic.

She is a Actress

Born on March 15, 1987, in Indonesia, Tanaka Tia is of French and Vietnamese descent. She emigrated to the United States at the age of one with her mother and now lives in California. She attended high school with porn star Kitty Jung, who encouraged her to enter the adult industry. She shot under the names of Sasha Lei and Mulan Wang before Ed Powers gave her the stage name Tia Tanaka. She has a large dragon tattoo on her back and a pierced navel.

Tanaka Tia Life Style

Tanaka Tia Life Style is a lifestyle blog that offers advice and tips on weight loss, skin care, beauty and health. The blog is written by a tv and porn starlet who resides in California. She began her adult film career in 2005. Her work focuses on balance and harmony.

Funk N’ Soul 97 – Tia Semi

Tia is the founder and owner of Funk N’ Soul 97 and has successfully designed, created, and modelled culturally inspired fashion ranges. Her work has featured on local and interstate runways.

Central Saint Martins graduate, Tia Tanaka, has a passion for storytelling through her designs. She balances digital technologies with a grounded connection to nature.

Making Your First Sale

Tia Semi is a designer with an innovative approach to fashion. She has created culturally inspired ranges which have been featured on local and international runways. Her work centres around a vibrant narrative approach, utilising a combination of digital technologies and personal artistic expression. The Central Saint Martins graduate drew on her love of animation to create her collection, Spirit of the Garden. This collection is based on her ancestor Te Rangi Tahau of Ngati Tuwharetoa and Ngati Hineuru and shows how Maori can integrate into Pakeha society but still retain their traditions and protocols.

Creating a Brand

Founded in 2017, TANAKA creates clothing that connects the past and next 100 years and goes beyond time or gender. Her designs are influenced by her upbringing that was surrounded by art and nature in Niigata, Japan with her father who was an oil painter and kimono textile designer and grandfather who made Japanese gardens. She also grew up with the concept of Wabi Sabi, which is a philosophy of finding beauty in imperfect and simple things.

Tanaka is joined by creative partner and design director Akira Kuboshita, who studied fashion design at Mode Gakuen and the department of spatial design at Bunka Fashion College. He has a strong focus on spatial planning and design and has been involved in various projects including designing knitwear for UNIQLO global offices in Tokyo, Shanghai, and New York.

Tia Semi has a passion for making connections, inspiring and encouraging others to see her abilities and to make friends with those who are different. She is an advocate for the value of inclusion and has showcased her culturally inspired fashion ranges on local, interstate, and international runways.

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