Denji Spinal Cord Sword

Denji Spinal Cord Sword

Denji Spinal Cord Sword: Readers were left wondering in Chainsaw Man Chapter 117 whether Yoru would be able to transform Denji into a weapon. According to some hypotheses, she would, which resulted in a hilarious revelation regarding Denji’s identity as Chainsaw Man. Another hypothesis put out that Denji, like the Doll Devil in the International Assassins Arc, would be immune to Devil powers. This assumption, however, proved accurate because, in spite of Yoru’s attempts to weaponize Denji, he did not suffer any consequences in Chapter 118. With a murder of crows and Denji staring at Yoru, puzzled, Fujimoto’s title, “Saying Goodbye,” seeks to frighten readers into believing this would be Denji’s last moments.

According to the text, Yoru is bewildered and unable to use his shouting as a weapon against Denji, who takes it as Asa saying farewell. Although Yoru is unsure, Asa surmises that this is because Denji is immune to Devil curses. While Asa is fixated with Fami, Yoru brushes her off and tells Asa to keep away. Yoru has a tendency to nod off rapidly. Given that Yoru thinks Fami is insane, their relationship is still unknown. While Asa concentrates on Fami, Yoru ignores her and nods off on Asa’s bed. The author is interested in learning Yoru’s opinions regarding Fami and her feelings for her.

Asa worries about Denji’s apparent unrequited interest to her while Yoru is sleeping. As a result, Asa starts behaving distant from Denji and chooses to watch movies on his VCR at home rather than watching them all at once. Fearing for Asa’s life, Denji grants his permission, but only under the strict stipulation that Asa abide by the laws of his home.

The upcoming chapter holds great anticipation as it presents Nayuta and her transformed personality from Makima. It’s still unclear why Haruka stalked Asa and Denji; it could have been because he realized Asa had strength in the last episode. While “Saying Goodbye” is a terrific chapter that builds anticipation for Nayuta’s return, readers will have to wait a while for the next one.

Can Denji Become a Weapon and Live

Chapter 117 of Chainsaw Man: Is Denji Able to Live and Turn Into a Weapon?

Although Denji, a devil hybrid, is almost eternal, there are situations in which she can pass away. Asa tries to use Denji as a weapon, but in “Penguin and Weapon,” Chapter 117, she develops feelings for him, and Yoru touches his head to form a “Denji Spinal Cord Sword.” Fans are left wondering what will happen in the series after this cliffhanger.

How Does Denji’s Eternity Function?

Denji can withstand several types of trauma, such as being shot, thrown from a building, and beheaded, thanks to his immortality. But in order to heal, he has to fulfill a few requirements, like consuming blood from severe wounds. When Denji and Asa are alone in a remote place in Chapter 117, he is unable to swallow blood until he tastes Asa’s blood. He cannot make himself into Chainsaw Man, nor can he convince someone else to draw the cord across his chest for him.

Denji’s best chance of surviving if Yoru takes off his skull and spinal cord is if he can regenerate the missing tissue surrounding his heart. This is a significant turning point in Chainsaw Man’s second part since Asa has confessed to Denji that she is the War Devil. If he lives and she transforms him into a sword, he will subtly identify as Chainsaw Man. It’s unclear what will happen to Denji and Asa’s relationship if these secrets are disclosed.

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