Sensus Memory Foam

Sensus Memory Foam is one of the newer types of memory foam to come to the market. Just like its competitor, Tempurpedic, Sensus is a type of bedding that conforms to your body while you sleep at night.Like the other types of mattresses in its group, it has several excellent characteristics that help people sleep :

  • It wicks away moisture
  • It absorbs heat from your body and carries it down, and away from you, so you do not overheat
  • It custom fits your body while you sleep

These are great things to consider when you sleep, as you will spend most of your day relaxing in bed.The cost and availability of Sensus Memory foam are different as compared to other major foam brands; it can be a little harder to find than your run of the mill foams. However, it many times is cheaper than the leading brands.Out of the products we’ve reviewed, Sensus memory foam compares quite well to the others in its class and offers a small savings most of the time (depending on what retailer you look at).Overall we give it an A for quality & design, and an A+ for cost savings, this is an excellent mattress overall, and we highly recommend it.Sensus foams come in many sizes, shapes to fit your different needs, so be sure to check out our brand new mattress finder system to find the BEST fit for your needs. Even though toppers like this are mostly custom, you will want something that fits your current mattress as well as your price range.

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