Best Custom Made Mattresses

Have you ever wondered where some of the unusual beds that you see on TV come from? How many times have you seen a bed that looked huge and thought it would be great to sleep all spread out?

Good News. Now you can order a custom mattress made to your specifications. Is your room an unusual shape? Maybe you have rounded walls or a room shaped like an octagon. A standard rectangle-shaped bed would look out of place in such a contemporary studio.

But, you have never seen a circular-shaped mattress in a showroom. Or perhaps you own bed and breakfast and are looking to set up a honeymoon room. A heart-shaped bed would make that room a romantic haven for newlyweds. But the only place you have seen anything like that is in far away from Las Vegas. You are in luck. Thanks to the Internet, you can build a bed or mattress in standard rectangle shape, round, and heart shape.

These special orders can be custom built to match the location you have in mind for them. Another way you can customize your bed is by size. Most manufacturers make mattresses in the standard size of twin, full, queen, and king. And while these fit most needs, some rooms or people require a format that can’t be found every day. You can order a giant mattress to the exact length and width needed for your individual needs.

Many people hesitate to buy an exceptional order mattress for fear that they will not be able to find sheets and spreads to cover them. Again, in the Internet world, some specialty linen shops and web sites offer to make linens to fit any bed. You just have to provide the dimensions of the bed so that your bedding can be made to order.

Another way you can customize your order is by choosing all-natural materials. In place of the synthetic products used to build most sleep systems, some specialty sites offer a variety of all-natural fabrics and stuffing for your bed.

One such choice is the all-natural latex foam core. You can order a latex bed that has a heart that is 99 percent pure rubber. One significant advantage of natural latex bed mattresses is that the foam does not break down with age. The standard latex mattress breaks down into particles that can be inhaled and can harm the lungs. This is especially important if you have asthma or any other breathing disorder.

Another natural product that can be used in your custom order is natural wool. Wool does not hold heat like some other fabrics, and it dries quickly. Wool is also more resistant to crushing and permitting your mattress to last longer.

Custom order a mattress can make a lot of sense if you have special needs. Whether it is size, shape, or material, you can get just what you want if you are willing to wait a little longer and pay a bit more.


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