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Among the typical children’s accessories of drawing pencils and LEGO blocks, bean bags are quickly becoming the new things that children are after. Children’s bean bags come in all shapes and sizes, and they are made to suit different types of children. Want to figure out which bean bags to buy for your children? Continue to read this guide to find out which ones will suit them.


Young girls suit bean bags to a T because they tap into the psychology of what girls want. Colors such as pink, red, and orange are excellent for girls’ bean bags, yet you can also choose unique colors for girls that still have a feminine edge such as turquoise.

Top Personality Traits for Girls who like bean bags:

Trendy: Is your daughter the type of girl who all the other girls want to be at school? There is nothing wrong with being famous and fresh, and you can show your daughter this by purchasing a bean bag for her. Trendy bean bags for young girls include embellishments and accents, and they are made in bright colors.

Quiet: Bring your daughter out of her shell with a bean bag. If your daughter is modest and retiring, you can encourage her to have fun with her friends by choosing a bean bag that is cool and funky. Shy girls can use bean bags to read their favorite books or play with their laptops on Facebook while chilling out on their bean bags.

Adventurous: If your daughter is the sporty type who loves to go rambling with you in the Lake District, it is time for you to give her a bean bag that will encourage her to be more adventurous. There are children’s bean bags that also double as outdoor bean bags. The next time your daughter is taking a break from jumping on the trampoline in the garden, she can relax on one of her bean bags.


Cool boys know that bean bags are the accessory to have at home. Whether your son is crazy about sports or if your son is more of a thinker, bean bags encourage them to be boys indeed.

Top Personality Traits for Boys who like bean bags:

Energetic: You are probably so proud of your son who can swim, box, and run like a true athlete. Athletic boys have plenty of energy in their bodies, and keeping that energy flowing through their veins could make them Olympic standard athletes. However, sporty boys should also be encouraged to remember how young they are. Allow your energetic and sporty son to play with bean bags when he is relaxing at home. All you have to do is pick a bean bag that you think he will like and put it in his room. After a tough day training at the track or playing footie, jumping on his bean bag in his place will put a smile on his face.

Artistic: All budding artists need to be in the type of environment that makes their creative juices flowing. Whether your son is going to be the next star of the X-Factor, have a number 1 hit single, or if he is going to be a top painter, creativity and artistry have to be nurtured. Bean bag chairs for children encourage them to be artistic because they soothe children from the moment that they sit on them. Your creative son will feel like all his ideas for drawing and art are just jumping out of him because his bean bag chair is making him feel comfortable in his environment.

Children’s bean bag chairs: the best alternative for chairs

In all parts of your house, whether you have a house full of sons or an army of girls, you need to have bean bag chairs for your children. They are a better alternative for chairs, especially for young children, because they encourage them to indulge in all aspects of their youth. Choose the bean bags that will suit your children – and the rest will come naturally to your children. From cool blue tones to bright hues of red and pink, bean bag chairs for children are diverse and varied.


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