Best Twin Air Mattress 2020-2021

Tips On Buying A Twin Air Mattress

When shopping for a twin air mattress, what you’re going to want to keep in mind, above all else, is a comfort. Now, chances are you’re buying an air mattress for issues of cost, convenience, because it’s more comfortable to store than a typical mattress, but if it’s not healthy, then what does it matter? If you’re buying a mattress, it’s not too much to ask that it’s comfortable, right? Of course not.

So, with that in mind, here are some essential tips on buying an air mattress, twin or otherwise, and making sure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Check the Reviews

You should read a lot of reviews of various brands and makes and models to make sure that the mattress you’re getting is among the very best, at least within a specific price range. The fact is that they are probably not going to let you take a few dozen mattresses home to sleep on all of them for the next couple weeks and see what you think of each of them, so online reviews are the way to go if you want to get a full picture of what’s out there and make sure that you’re getting the best mattress you can get for your twin bed.

Speaking of which, it’s not a bad idea to do all of your shopping online. Even though this means that you won’t be able to check the mattresses out in person, the fact is that most of the places you could get an air mattress wouldn’t let you check them out yourself in the first place. That is why online reviews are so critical. If you’re going to be sleeping on this thing, it’s best if it’s comfortable.

Shop Around

Always be on the lookout and try to find an affordable mattress that’s easy to use, that’s comfortable, basically don’t tie yourself to any particular brand or make or model until you make the purchase. There’s no reason to show brand loyalty to any product maker, so keep on the lookout and try to find a great mattress that you like, that’s comfortable, that fits on your bed, and that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Look for Durability

Many regard air mattresses as being “disposable,” which is too bad. If taken care of, a right mattress can last for years, so try to find one that can stand a little bit of reasonable abuse. No air mattress will hold up to become your cat’s scratching post, but neither should it pop the very first time you sit on it just a little bit too hard.


Some air mattresses aren’t anywhere near as comfortable to use and easy to set up as you might think. That is unfortunate because one of the main reasons to buy an air mattress in the first place is the ease of use, convenience, and why many who can afford a king-size bed of any type might go with an air mattress to save time. Well, make sure that the mattress you’re getting is convenient and easy to use. If you can find one that is self-inflating, all the better.

When looking for ease of use, something to consider is storage. Can you easily fold or roll this thing up, after defeating it, and tuck it into a shelf in the closet? Or is it one of those that will have you spending hours trying to get all of the air out? Look for a mattress that you know will be relatively easy to set up and break down as needed.


We’ve saved this for last because, while it’s an essential aspect of the purchasing process, the fact is that it’s not the only factor that matters, even though it is often treated as such by people looking to buy a twin air mattress. Yes, you want a reasonable price, but is a low price on a crummy mattress worth it? Of course not, not at all, but many think of it that way. So our advice: find a whole bunch of mattresses that meet the other qualifiers, and then buy the cheapest of those that you’ve listed. Again, cost shouldn’t be your ONLY consideration, but it is an important one and one to take and keep in mind as you go about the shopping process in trying to find your new air mattress for your twin bed.


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