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Best Self Adjusting Mattress

The SAM sleeping pad gives total weight help! 

Medical advantages:

  • Ideal Health and Wellness 
  • Human Growth Hormone 
  • Right Spinal and Organ Alignment 
  • Right Frequency Emission 

The SAM Mattress was initially brought into the medicinal services industry (clinics, nursing homes and home consideration) in 1997 for the treatment and counteractive action of bedsores. The clinical viability was promptly perceived and proved among a wide portrayal of specialists and scientists. The physical mechanics of the this Innovation benefits all person’s incorporating those with the accompanying well being conditions and determination: 

  • Spinal Disorders 
  • Back and Neck  
  • Rest Disorders 
  • Degenerative Diseases 

The SAM sleeping pad includes a Patented air suspension framework that has a selective admission/ discharge valve framework. 

This innovative achievement tackles the air as a copious asset of free vitality making a unique surface prepared to do ideally acclimating to every  individual paying little respect to body weight, type or size. It is equipped for adjusting to the extraordinary ebb and flow of the spinal framework giving improved help.

Expanding weight dispersion uniformly over the surface diminishes pressure on our bodies. The SAM sleeping pad gives pressure alleviation consistently paying little mind to what body type you have. A fundamental material science law (Boyle’s Law) enables this stunning innovation to modify ideally to every individual giving a profound REM resting condition underneath fine conclusion; which means blood and oxygen are permitted to stream openly all through our bodies failing to be squeezed or impeded, dispensing with hurling and turning. 

Permitting proficient blood and oxygen flow is vital to our over all well being and health. Clinical investigations have demonstrated the more extravagant the oxygen substance of your blood, the more grounded your safe framework.

 Which is important to battle infection and free extreme harm. Resting on a surface other than a (gas being air, water or gel) makes a dozing domain inadequate of oxygen.

All internal spring and froth sleeping pads make a domain inadequate in oxygen since every one of these surfaces can do is assimilate weight not at all like a gas, which dislodges weight.

SAM Mattress Features

 Patented Air Valves Industrial Polyurethane Air Cylinders 100% Virgin New Zealand Wool Cover 3″ Contouring Foam Topper Dual Adjustable Comfort Control Dial Solid Foam Side Rails Standard And Custom Sizes Available Solid Pine Wooden Foundation Available

Patented Air Valves

These calibrated air valves control the pressure inside each independent air cylinder. When you lie down on the SAM advanced sleep system, air is forced out of the patented air valves and your body is supported perfectly by each independent

air cylinder. When you rise from lying down on the SAM Advanced sleep system, a vacuum is created inside the independent air cylinders. This vacuum is due to atmospheric pressure, which forces air back into the patented air valves, causing each independent air cylinder returns to its original state.

Industrial Polyurethane Air Cylinders​

We extrude our own polyurethane to create industrial strength polyurethane air cylinders. The seams of these polyurethane air cylinders are radio Frequency sealed (RF welded), which is 10 times stronger than vulcanized rubber or vinyl, ensuring longevity.

100% Virgin New Zealand Wool Cover

The SAM advanced sleep system comes with a wool cover which is: 100% Hypoallergenic 100% Hygienic 100% All Natural Virgin New Zealand Wool

Fleece is a stunning material. Man has not had the option to copy this fiber. Fleece’s interesting development enables it to assimilate up to 30% of its weight in dampness, without feeling wet. The explanation behind this is it contains keratin, which is extremely wealthy stuck amino acids that sticky situation effectively with water particles. Fleece is especially Hydrophilic when water is available as fume. This upgrades fleece’s capacity to pull dampness away from the body, keeping you cool in the late spring and hotter in the winter.

The ingestion/vanishing process works in blistering climate to help keep the body cooler. Vanishing of sweat is the body’s regular cooling gadget. Wool helps this process along by absorbing body vapors. This aids in reducing skin temperature. Also, much of the outdoor heat is blocked because of wool’s insulating barrier. This means that the body is kept at an even temperature at all times.

3″ Contouring Foam Topper

Your choice of a 3″ contour foam topper comes complete with its’ own removable cotton cover which is made with the finest cotton available.Resilitex Foam Offering the smooth, soft feel only associated with latex foam but with even more benefits. Brand new to the bedding industry this foam topper is fire retardant, hypo-allergenic and has no odor. 

Visco Elastic Memory Foam (4.0 or 5.0 Density)Designed with pressure relief in mind this slow recovery foam is quickly sweeping the nation. When you lay down to sleep it reacts to the temperature of your body and molds itself to your shape. Your weight is then distributed evenly along the surface. This relieves pressure and helps you to sleep better without tossing and turning.

Latex FoamThe natural Latex Foam Topper exhibits superior durability and elasticity, retention of shape and firmness, flexibility combined with stability excellent heat and moisture regulation and superior air circulation for preventing the growth of molds and mildew.Convoluted Medical Grade FoamEgg-crate shaped foam which is the firmest of all the foam toppers. It provides a soft yet uniquely firm comfort level.

Dual Adjustable Comfort Control Dial

Each side of the SAM, self adjusting mattress, comes with a comfort dial that allows the customer to control the amount of air passing through the patented valves to adjust for softness and firmness for his or her side of the mattress.

Solid Foam Side Rails

The SAM mattress features a unique and sturdy, super dense polyurethane foam perimeter encasement around the independent air cylinders. This unique feature provides maximum edge support, and ensures many years of solid, sturdy side support.

Standard And Custom Sizes Available

 Twin (38″ x 75″) Twin XL (38″ x 80″) Full (54″ x 75″) Full XL (54″ x 80″) Queen (60″ x 80″)  Split Queen (30″ x 80″) King (76″ x 80″) Split King (38″ x 80″) California King (72″ x 84″) Split Cal. King (36″ x 84″)

The SAM mattress is 10″ thick and manufactured in all standard and custom sizes. 

20 Year Limited Warranty

We offer one of the longest warranties in the business a 20 year limited warranty. It’s a reflection of our commitment to unwavering quality and premium product integrity. For more information Proper Check ZEECIRCLE.COM.

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