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Are you one of those sleepers that toss and turn all night trying to find a comfortable sleeping position? Maybe your joints feel like they are going to break under your weight while in bed? If you answered yes to these questions you may want to try a new Tempur memory foam mattress.
Initially developed by NASA engineers, visco-elastic foam or memory foam as it is commonly called was designed to help absorb the pressures an astronaut experience during lift-off. It was so successful that several hospitals designed a mattress out of the temper foam to use with their patients who were bedridden. Those patients liked the mattress so much that they began to ask for one for use in their bedroom at home.

The Tempurpedic Mattress was the first memory foam mattress to appear on the market and is considered the gold standard of memory foam mattresses. Tempurpedic has expanded their line to include several comfort levels to choose from. Their unique supportive core layer now can be purchased in thicknesses ranging from three to six inches deep.

The thicker the core layer of the foam mattress is the more firm the support is for your body. The additional layers of memory foam used in the mattress also vary in thickness. A key point to remember is the thicker the memory foam layer, the plusher and cushiony the mattress feels. Note: Common misspellings for Tempurpedic include Temper Pedic and Temperpedic so don’t be confused by this.

Dormia is another brand name of memory foam mattresses on the market. They take pride in offering a high-quality foam mattress with several added features. Their mattresses use all-natural fibers in the mattress coverings and use a thick latex mattress as the core. This latex core is separated into three comfort zones, with softer support for your head and feet and firmer support for your back and hips.

Dormia also features comfortable New Zealand wool as their padding layer of choice to cover the memory foam layer. New Zealand wool allows for warmer sleeping in winter and cooler sleeping during the summer months. Another unique feature of the Dormia mattress is how it constructs its box springs. They use wider boards and harder woods than most box spring manufacturers and are assembled by the Pennsylvania Amish who are renowned for their high-quality workmanship.

The growing popularity of memory foam mattresses has led to a rush by mattress manufacturers to include one or more models in their product offerings. Many major mattress manufacturers including Simmons, Serta, and Sealy have included memory foam materials in one or more of their popular models. The Tempur material has proven to be a big hit with consumers and more and more startups brands are cropping up in showrooms and on the Web.

Doing an online search will return brand names like Angel Beds, Bragada, Memory Foam Factory and Absolute Comfort with each claiming their mattresses to be as good as the original Tempur Pedic mattress but at a lower price.

Even though some of the companies offering cheaper foam mattresses use a material that is comparable in theory to Tempurpedic foam some use a lower density foam in their mattress. This lower density results in less support for your body so you want to make note that a lower price might mean a lower quality foam is used.

When you go shopping for a memory foam mattress be sure to compare foam density, memory foam comfort layer depth, and latex core support. Try not to buy based on price alone but use your newfound knowledge to pick the best foam mattress you can afford.


Sleep Master iCoil 10 Inch Pillow Top Spring Mattress


Everything you need for better sleep together with the Sleep Master iCoil 10 Inch Pillow Top Spring Mattress and Deluxe Faux Leather Platform Bed Set by Zinus. The 10 Inch Sleep Master Pillow Top Spring mattress offers customized support and luxury. Hundreds of independent coils provide customized support while minimizing motion transfer for uninterrupted sleep. The Deluxe Faux Leather platform bed shall provide excellent support for your mattress and will transform your bedroom, make you comfortable and relax. It ships in one carton with the frame, legs, and wooden slats conveniently found in the zippered compartment in the back of the headboard for the simple assembly. This platform bed features a headboard and low profile footboard style frame, with wood slats for strong support. The Sleep Master 10 Inch Pillow Top Spring Mattress and Deluxe Faux Leather Platform Bed Set will provide better sleep and update your bedroom with a luxurious look at the same time. If you don’t mind open your sleeping cushion bundle inside 72 hours of receipt and permit three days for your new bedding to return to its unique, extravagant shape. Another solace advancement from Zinus. Spearheading solace.

    • The firm tweaked support from layers of Pressure Relieving Comfort Foam and iCoil Pocketed Springs
    • Just the Highest Quality of Foam – Foam is CertiPUR-US Certified for toughness, execution, and substance
    • Insightfully Shipped – Our protected innovation enables our sleeping pads to be productively packed, rolled and transported in a case helpfully to your entryway
    • Luxurious Faux Leather Platform Bed, Headboard, and wood supports included
    • Straightforward multi-year restricted bedding guarantee, multi-year constrained stage bed guarantee
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 6-Inch Memory Foam Mattress (Viscoelastic) By Best

Price Mattress


Best Price Mattress

Inexpensive, provides comfort and support, lightweight and easy to carry

Durability, brand, not a long-term solution

If you are looking for a cheap memory foam mattress that can still give you a good night’s rest, this is the one.

The 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress has 6″ deep dual layers, including a 1″ memory foam top, a 2″ super soft foam, and a 3″ supportive layer underneath. The dimensions are 54″ x 75″ x 6″, and it weighs 26 pounds. It comes vacuum-packed inside of a bag and only requires it to be unraveled after opening. The warranty is for 10 years.


This mattress is very inexpensive (under $200). This is about as low of a price as you will find for a memory foam mattress. This usually would indicate that the mattress is very cheap and not worth buying. However, according to a customer, the mattress helped relieved their back pain.

I have been sleeping on it for 3 months now and it still feels like new. I stopped getting back pains after sleeping on this bed, which is something that often happened when i slept on metal spring mattresses. This is a great bed for a great buy!
– TC

This indicates that the bed is soft, yet still firm enough to provide support. The density must be at least over 3 pounds, without knowing the exact number.

I am a side-sleeper and it did not aggravate my shoulder and hip much like a traditional spring mattress does. At over 250 lbs., I was worried that the 6″ depth of the mattress would not be enough to support me, but it was more than acceptable. I needed something cheap as I am staying in a different city for work, and this mattress fit the bill.

More than a few customers bought it for bunk beds, their RV, and camping. For occasions such as this, this mattress is a good purchase. The investment is rather small and should last a while if only used sparingly. The smell seems to be a non-factor as well.

Sleeping on this mattress is pure heaven. I can sleep on my back, on my side, in any position, and I’m more than comfortable. I never feel the rock-hard floor beneath me at all. I now sleep better than anyone else at camp. I hate to get up in the mornings!
– D. Karlsson

Here is a positive comment about customer service:

After a few technical problems my concerns were resolved through customer service promptly and very professionally.
– Alaleh Amini


I don’t know how reputable Best Price Mattress is, but they provide little to no information about their products. I couldn’t find hardly any specifications about their mattress. Therefore, I would say that this brand is a downside to buying this mattress. They really don’t seem to represent themselves very well.

I would strongly question the durability of this mattress, but at this price, you can’t truly expect it to last long-term.


This mattress is inexpensive, yet still comfortable and supportive. Multiple customers reported getting pain relief while sleeping on it. The downsides are the brand and durability.



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