The best electric scooter to buy for one individual will not be the best for another; it all depends on what you want to use the bike for.

Best electric scooter to buy for adults and kids

The main factors to take into consideration when buying an electric scooter are speed, charge time, ride time, and weight limit. Some are good for kids only to use, and some are great for adults and kids to utilize.

Which Electric Scooter Should You Buy

Here we are going to reveal the best electric scooter for adults and the best electric scooter for kids and teens. This will cover everything, if you need extensive reviews on all-electric scooters then try taking a look at

Razor E100 best electric scooter to buy kidsBy far, the best electric scooter for kids to use is just about any from the Razor brand. It all depends on how old your child is as to which Razor scooter is the best for them.

There is a Razor electric scooter comparison at, complete with video reviews and best purchase price guide.

If I had to pick one electric scooter that would be great for all kids right across the spectrum, I would pick out the Razor E100.

It’s not the fastest Razor electric scooter, but it is undoubtedly the easiest to handle and will be perfect for kids of all ages to use. If you are looking for the best electric scooter for a teen to use, you would probably want to go with the Razor E300.

The Razor E100 has a top speed of 10 miles per hour and can take a weight up to around nine stones, or 120 pounds.

This electric scooter is recommended for kids aged eight years and up. However, responsible five-year-old children have used them without any problems at all. You can read the reviews at to confirm this fact.

The E100 is a little lighter than the E300 and is undoubtedly a lot easier to control; there is a model below this called the E90, which is perfect for small kids to use.

The main thing that needs to be of concern if you are purchasing this electric scooter for younger kids is that they can reach the handlebars; this is because they are not height adjustable.

This is the best electric scooter for five-year-old to use and kids aged to around 12 or 13 years past. There are a few problems with Razor electric scooters that you will need to be aware of.

Razor electric scooters take a long time to charge up, and for such a long charge time, you do not get an overexciting ride time.

EcoReco M5 best electric scooter to buy for adultsSo that’s the kids taken care of, now let’s get you into the know with which is the best electric scooter for adults to use.

If you are on a low budget, then you would want to stick with the Razor brand and go for the Razor E300. If you have a bit more to spend, then two electric scooters stand out from the rest.

The best electric scooter for adults is either the EcoReco M5 or the E-TWOW S2 Booster Scooter. Some will like one more than the other; they are similar in price but operate in very different ways.

We are not too keen on the way the E-TWOW is controlled; it is all handled by thumb control, including brakes and throttle, this puts us off a little and puts the EcoReco M5 the best electric scooter for adults in our opinion.

The EcoReco M5 outperforms any Razor electric scooter by a mile; it charges quickly, ride time is impressive, and it even folds down small.

So what does the EcoReco M5 offer that is just so impressive? Well, it’s not cheap to buy, but it is well worth the money.

The EcoReco M5 has a top speed of 20 miles per hour and can travel a whopping ten miles per full charge. These make perfect commuter scooters for adults and teens for college runs and even trips to work and back.

The best thing about these electric scooters is that they are lightweight and can be even used as a stand-alone kick scooter should you run out of charge.

The scooter will fully charge in just 4 hours and has front and rear brakes, it folds down too, unlike other cheaper versions.

If you are looking for a great looking super stylish electric scooter, then this has to be the best you will ever see. It’s not the fastest electric scooter that you can buy; those honors go to the UberScoot brand. You can read about all-electric scooter brands over at

More Electric Scooters

The best electric scooter to buy for kids is pretty much any of the Razor range; you might also want to take a look at the Pulse Performance range as an alternative to Razor.

For adults, you will not get a better electric scooter than the EcoReco M5, a great alternative is the E-TWOW S2, but make sure you read all the reviews before you buy.

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