Best Baby Bean Bags

The best baby bean bag chairs to use are the Bambeano, the Doomoo, and Gaga. Each has different styles and qualities, which you can read about below.

Top baby bean bag brands include;

  • Gaga
  • Doomoo
  • Bambeano

The very best value bean bags for babies has to be the Bambeano, the best looking baby bean bag is by far the Doomoo, although it is a little expensive.

Top Baby Bean Bag Chairs

Bambeano bean bags for babiesThe Bambeano bean bags for babies are voted best because not only are they great value for money compared to others on the market, but they come with a free toddler chair cover.

The Bambeano is safe to use from birth, and until your baby is around 6 or 7 weeks old or until they start to wriggle, from this point, you should stop them using the bean bag.

Now, this is where the Bambeano trumps other baby bean bags; this is because you then remove the beans from the baby bean bag and put them into your free toddler chair cover.

You then have a bean bag that your child can use until they are around ten years old, the Doomoo has a similar feature, but they are more expensive, the Gaga does not have this feature at all.

Not only are bean bags for babies comfy, but they help with a few things that parents are going to absolutely love, they will make life with your new baby a little easier.

A baby bean bag does help a baby get to sleep that suffers from colic, this can be a real lifesaver for some parents, although babies should not sleep on the bean bags overnight. Just click here to buy any baby bean bag chair featured on this page, you can read more reviews there too.

Bambeano customer reviews;

  1. If I had not bought this bean bag, I would be bald today from pulling all my hair out with stress due to my baby, not sleeping. My little boy would only ever sleep on me, which made it very hard for me. I can tell you. However, when I got this bean bag he would sleep on this too, I am so grateful to it.
  2. It is a lovely product and very well made. I got it for a present for my sister, and she and the baby love it. It gives her baby somewhere to sleep when they are away from home, which is very useful, I must say.
  3. My daughter loves to sleep on this bean bag; it looks every bit as good as it does in the picture. I will stop my baby using it when she starts to roll over by herself, then she can use the toddler chair cover, what a great deal.
  4. It was a little hard for my baby when it arrived, I removed some of the beans, and now my baby loves it. I have two kids now, and both of them have used it. It is easy to keep clean, and the material is durable, so it is going to last for sure.
  5. My baby is three months old and is still using it and loves it. I would say that it is a bit costly, it has been used every day since birth, so it’s not been a too lousy investment. I would recommend it, yes.

Doomoo bean bags for babiesThe Doomoo bean bags for babies are better looking than the Bambeano baby bean bags, only they are a whole lot more expensive, which is a shame.

The Doomoo is double the price of the Bambeano and the Gaga; the Gaga is as stylish as the Doomoo. Only it does not transform into a toddler chair.

The Doomoo has all the same high safety features as the Bambeano, safety straps included, and excellent seating position; they can transform into a toddler chair too.

With the Doomoo, you get two tops, a little different to the Bambeano, which gives you a free completely separate toddler chair bean bag cover.

To change the Doomoo from a baby bean bag into a toddler chair, you simply switch the tops; they just zip off. One head has baby straps, and the other does not.

The problem with this is that you still have a small baby size bean bag, with the Bambeano you get a more giant toddler size bean bag, they are cheaper too.

Doomoo reviews;

  1. Absolute top quality, more expensive than the non branded bean bags, but I was put off by the bad reviews with the material being hard. I decided I would pay a little more, I only wanted the best for my baby, and I have certainly got it.
  2. With so many great designs, I did not know which one to choose. I had decided I was going with the Doomoo brand, and when I saw the vast design choice, I was sold on this brand. I went ahead and purchased, and I am happy with the outcome.
  3. My little niece was not sleeping too well, so I decided to treat her to a baby bean bag. It is lightweight and easy to move around, the material is lovely and soft, and the best part is that the baby now goes to sleep.
  4. The beans in the bean bag can be moved around with a little shake; it makes it super easy to get your baby into a comfortable sleeping position. I will go as far as saying that it has been a real godsend; it helps my baby get some sleep.
  5. It provides a comfortable and secure place for my baby to sleep. I can remove the cover and pop it into the washing machine; this makes it a dream to keep clean, which is an essential spec for a baby bean bag, I think.

Gaga bean bags for babiesThe Gaga bean bags for babies are last on our list because they do not transform into a toddler chair, it’s a shame really because they look great.

This means that you can only use the baby bean bag from when your child is born until they are about 6 or 7 weeks old, not a significant investment is it.

The Gaga bean bag is half the price of the Doomoo and is a similar price to the Bambeano; they look more stylish than other baby bean bags. Only they don’t change into a toddler chair.

I should also mention that baby bean bags are great for stopping flat head syndrome, which occurs from laying your baby on a hard surface to change their nappy all the time.

Reviews on the Gaga are very good with customers stating that they are good because the cover is removable and machine washable, which of course, is a bonus.

All of these baby bean bags have an adjustable safety harness and provide excellent comfort and support for your baby as they sleep.

Gaga reviews;

  1. The design and the color caught my eye and made me buy one; I am pleased that I did. It is definitely worth the money. My friend saw mine and asked where I got it from; she wants one now, it’s my little secret weapon for getting babies over to sleep when they are overtired.
  2. It is an absolute lifesaver to have somewhere safe to strap my baby into; it takes a lot of worry off my mind. You can change the shape of the bean bag by moving the beans around inside; your baby can sit slightly upright to see what is going on around them or lie flat for a kip.
  3. You can put a baby in it from day one without any problems safe in the knowledge they will not fall off. The straps work well, and the bean bag itself looks fantastic. If I have another grandchild, I will buy another one.
  4. The material the bean bag is made from is of the highest quality, I have had a non branded baby bean bag for my other child, and the content was not half as good as it is for this one. I highly recommend getting a branded bean bag for this reason alone.
  5. My son is so comfortable in his bean bag; he will not fall asleep anywhere else. This is not the most expensive brand on the market; it is worth the money. My boy does not get irritable on it at all, just a great cozy place for a baby to sleep in.

Cheap Non-Branded Baby Bean Bag Options

Non branded baby bean bagA non branded baby bean bag bouncer chair is a very affordable alternative to the branded ones reviewed above.

Non branded bean bags for babies like the one here are pretty good for the price, they retail at around £30 or just under.

This one, in particular, features adorable animal designs, so it is excellent for boys and girls to use. Perfect as a present, even if you do not know the sex of the baby yet.

The only difference between these cheaper non branded bean bag bags and the branded ones is the quality of the material. The material used feels a little rough and is not as soft to touch as the Bambeano, Doomoo, or Gaga.

For the price, they are brilliant; they are like the more expensive branded bean bags in many ways.

This one transforms into a toddler seat; it comes with not one but two interchangeable covers.

You simply swap the covers over to change from a baby bean bag into a toddler bean bag chair. The two tops are very different, one has the straps, and the other does not.

The harness is adjustable and very secure; it is great to have a safe place for your baby and know that they will be okay.

The reviews on these bean bags are fantastic; customers rate them highly because the price is very reasonable, and they are good quality for the cost.

Cheap baby bean bagThese bean bags for babies are stunning; they look like the expensive branded ones, yet are a whole lot cheaper by a long way.

The reviews on these bean bags are impressive with customers stating that they are safe and well worth the money.

Many customers are impressed with the price; the quality is excellent too. It comes with a spare cover also, which is, of course, the toddler chair cover without straps on.

The material is loved, and the design is loved; in fact, you are going to find it hard-pressed to get a better value bean bag for your baby than this one.

The bean bag comes filled with just the right amount of beans and is ready to use straight away right out of the box.

The beans will surround your baby just enough to comfort them and make them feel secure, making them think their mum or dad is cuddling them.

Some parents swear by a baby bean bag, some babies will only ever get over to sleep on one. If you are concerned about your baby getting some sleep, then definitely give a bean bag a go, at these prices you can’t afford to.

The bean bag can be used by your baby from birth when your baby starts to try and flip onto their tummy, turn it into the toddler bean bag. They can use the toddler bean bag until they are around eight years old. You are getting a lot of use out of the bean bag for your money here.

If you don’t have the budget for a branded one, then you can take a look at these cheaper ones over at they have loads more designs and colors to choose from.

More Bean Bags For Babies

Of course, these are the top three branded baby bean bag chairs, unbranded ones are cheaper, but it means you might be taking a gamble on safety.


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