Ah, just imagine lying back in a comfortable chair… Good, isn’t it? Now imagine lying back in an even more comfortable Bean Bag chair or sofa – fantastic difference! beanbagsConforming to your body, supporting you entirely, it’s so easy to relax!

Bean bags first became popular in the early 1970s, and for a good reason. They are inexpensive, lightweight, and very comfortable. The first chairs were created by the Italian designers in 1969 and were initially called Succos, supposedly derived from furniture packaging employees sitting on a bag of Styrofoam beads at their jobs. Early models were pear-shaped leather bags, but many other shapes soon followed.

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In the past, these nifty furniture bags have been filled with a wide range of packing materials, from the usual soft Styrofoam beads to hard styrene beads, to even real dried beans! Fire-retardant chemicals are usually added to the cover and pellets of today’s modern furniture of choice, and the beads inside often come from recycled materials and are very ecologically sound-reducing our dependency on land-fills and also reducing energy consumption during manufacture. Many today are also shipped with the air removed, taking as little as 1/3 the full size of the chair during shipping. Simply choose the bag out when you receive it and follow the instructions to let the natural air pressure rush in to fill the bag back to its full size within 24 hours – even faster if you shake and roll it hours after opening.

Today, they come in a fantastic range of shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors. Search our shop for a wide range of trendy furniture. beanbag furniturePopular full-sized models come in the traditional round or pear shapes, as formed chair-shapes, sofas, footstools, or even flat mattresses. Sizes range down to teenager and even smaller models for kids, and can be shaped like anything from bags to baby beds, to animals and even fish! They are perfectly safe for children, and are often double-locked or have the zipper tab removed to avoid spills of Styrofoam beads by “curious minds and hands”!

What are ours made of, and how many types are there?

The bags themselves are often made of leather or faux leather, velvet, suede, denim, cotton, and canvas, even waterproof models for use on patios or play areas outdoors. Many natural fiber-covered beanbags have an inner liner so that the outer shells can be washed when they become soiled. Faux leather is the most popular covering, due to its resistance to stains and scratches, and the ability to color and pattern it extensively. Faux leather is also fire-retardant and far less expensive than real leather.

Although most models seat one person very comfortably, some models can seat two or more people separately, or in a warm, close cuddle – perfect for watching TV or listening to music with that special friend or family member. Matched sets can easily complement the design of any modern living room. Check out the incredible range of sizes, colors, and shapes today – we supply affordable, cheap bean bags too!


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