Solutions For Frizzy Hair

Solutions For Frizzy Hair: Effective Remedies To Make Your Hair Frizz-Free!

As you may have already known, frizzy hair is a kind of unmanaged tresses of hair that you can observe at the top of your head. But the question arises, why do you have such untidy frizz in your hair! You need to know that, your hair consists of three layers of different types of cells. One is cuticle, which is the outer layer of your hair and this mainly concerns that you will have frizzy hair or not. The cuticle is the same as a shingled roof and when the shingles lie flat; your hair remains straight and smooth. Whenever these shingles lift up, they form frizz on the hair surface.

Why do you have messy frizzy hair?

Let me tell you, the cuticle layer of your hair which are lifted up are the reasons behind your dry frizzy hair. When you lack moisture, that’s the time why cuticle of hair lifts up. Most probably, if you have curly hair, you are more chances to have frizzy hair too because curly hair is drier than straight hair. Sometimes, brushing is the reason behind raising cuticles. Apart from brushing, other causes of frizzy hair include excessive usage of a blow dryer, swimming in chlorinated water, wrong hair care products having loads of chemicals and an extremely humid environment.

Tips on how to make your hair less frizzy hair:

1. Apply a glycerin shampoo

You need to apply such a shampoo which is composed of a sulfate-free shampoo. As glycerin hydrates your hair with its goodness and provides you a protective layer over your hair that makes your hair silky soft. The sulfate is a very drying and dangerous chemical that’s why you need to stay away from this.

2. Don’t forget to use a conditioner after shampooing.

Always remember, conditioner is used to moisturize your hair and prevent its cuticle from opening up. In fact, once or twice a week, you can only use conditioner and no shampoo to your hair. If you do

3.’No’ to blow dryers.

If you use too much hot air in your hair, it can dehydrate your hair like nothing else. If you want to apply that, you should use it only after your hair is 90% dried. So that your hair will not go messy and dehydrated as well.

4. Brush your hair in the right manner to let natural oils pamper your hair.

Choose your comb wisely, you need to opt for wider comb. The very structure of the boar bristle brush helps carry the sebum (natural oil produced by your scalp) right till the end of your hair shaft. This can help your hair to get an equal amount of sebum.  Following this instruction, you reduce having dry hair and any frizz due to it. Don’t you dare to forget that sebum is the natural and the most effective anti-frizz serum provided to you by your body? All you need is brush from, top to bottom in a correct manner.

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