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Barska AX11652 Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

This is a high-capacity biometric gun safe ideal for storing rifles and other valuables. This safe is really easy to use and can register fingerprints in only seconds! The biometric lock also recognizes the identity of 120 different users making it ideal for co-storing of rifles. The biometric technology also gives you very quick access to your rifles in case of an emergency.

The construction boasts a solid 2 mm steel thickness, a 3-point solid deadbolt locking system, as well as factory pre-drilled anchor points that can be used for permanent attachment to a floor or wall, mounting accessories for this, are included.

The roomy design results in a 52-inch inner height, fitting most of even the longest of rifles.

Amazon has this model in stock, and is currently offering this model for a price of only $275! The normal list price being $607 makes this a truly awesome deal!

Barska Biometric Gun Safe Review

This is a compact, reliable safe that you unlock using your fingerprint. Just touch your fingertips to the biometric locking mechanism and it will open. Very quick and very secure! It also stores up to 30 fingerprints meaning several persons can open it using their fingerprints.

This safe is perfect for secure storage of handguns at its size of 16.5 x 7.75 x 14.5 inches (W x H x D). But it is just as suitable for storing other valuables, such as passports, important documents, expensive jewelry, etc. This compact design makes it very suitable for concealed placement somewhere, for example in your bedroom. The handy weight at 31 pounds also allows for flexible placement.

The construction of this safe is very reliable which makes it suitable for guns with two solid locking bolts made out of high-quality steel. Mounting hardware is included.

If you want to be even more convinced, check out the reviews of this safe at Amazon, they are overwhelmingly positive, especially considering the very affordable price. It is right now on sale on Amazon for $189, list price $406!
What To Think Of When Buying a Biometric Gun Safe
Having a gun in your home is often a difficult balancing between making it safe (avoiding that your children get a hold of it, etc) and allowing quick access to it in an emergency. Getting a classic gun safe obviously solves the problem of your children getting a hold of your gun and playing with it, potentially getting injured. However, opening a gun safe in an emergency situation such as a violent break-in may waste precious time. The solution would obviously be to have a gun safe that is totally safe and can only be opened by you but allows you to open it really quickly.

A biometric gun safe allows you to do this since it is not opened by a hard-to-memorize and time-consuming-to-perform combination, but instead through reading your fingerprints. Once you place your fingertips on the biometric lock of your gun safe, the lid usually pops open automatically in less than a second.

When choosing a biometric gun safe one of the most important factors to consider is that the fingerprint reader is extremely reliable. As stated above, an emergency is not a time to waste precious seconds. So you want to make sure the fingerprint reading technology in your biometric gun safe is very high-quality and very recent. This usually means to stay away from the lower end of the price range, as these are much more likely to use older, cheaper fingerprint reading technology which is not as developed, possibly forcing you to scan your fingerprints several times before opening. It is hard to mention a specific number here, but I would say that going for a biometric gun safe over $200 ensures that you get the latest technology and steer clear of older low-tech safes.

Also, very important is to choose a size that is suitable for your needs. Are you looking for a safe for easy access next to your bed? Then perhaps a smaller size suits you better since you’re not likely to have more than one gun on standby during sleep. Also, wives tend to not like huge gun safes in the bedroom for some reason 😉 But if you own multiple guns and are looking for more of a storage-type of safe, a larger safe is likely better to go for. In this case, it is almost always preferable to buy a little bigger safe than you currently need, as moving/lifting a safe is a big hassle, and you want to avoid upgrading to a bigger gun safe each time you buy a new weapon.

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