Best Fingerprint Gun Safe

There are a number of gun safes with different mechanisms for the security in them, like the code lock, hand lock, etc. There is one more method which is the most efficient of all and that is the biometric way. Biometric is being adopted in a number of gun safes as this is the strongest way of security. It cannot be stolen, like the code locks neither can be broken like the traditional locks. Biometric gun safes are the most secure devices with the highest level of security possible.

Lock Your Gun Safes – Just By Your Fingerprints


Biometrics is the science of locking mechanism using human finger impressions. We all know that every human finger impression is unique and it cannot be matched or copied with any other human being. That is why; it is the strongest and most reliable and secures way of gun safes. By locking a gun safe with one’s fingerprint impression, there is no other way of unlocking it other than placing the same person’s fingerprint impression. No matter what, there is another way of breaking out this lock.

Traditional gun safes

The old and conventional gun safe’s where either with a lock and key mechanism or with code locks with a physical keypad or a digital keypad. All these types of gun safes have some or the other concern as compared to the biometrics ones.
In lock and key, you cannot carry the key all the time and there are chances of dropping the key, misplacing it or even getting it stolen.
In the code locks, anyone could possibly see the code and unlock the safe in your absence and this situation is quite vulnerable to occur.


Gun safes are not installed with everyone as everyone is not liable to hold a gun with them. For storage of guns in gun safe, every country has its own set of rules and regulations that are mandatory for a gun holder to follow. This is because, if you are illegally holding a gun and accidentally it fires and kills somebody, then you shall be punished under the laws of the governing nation.


  • Durability – all the biometric gun safes are made out of strong and thick metals that are said to be of an aircraft’s strength which is way too difficult to damage it physically.
  • Mountable – there are numerous gun safes that could be mounted with the help of a few screws instead of placing the safes somewhere. For example, you could mount them on the sidewall of your cupboard, or under the table or any other hidden place that you desire.
  • Cannot be stolen – since the biometric impressions are unique they cannot be stolen or copied on to any other person’s finger.
  • Chargeable – Since the locking system is chargeable, charging of such biometric gun safes is as easy as charging your phones.
  • Long life of batteries – On top of that, the batteries of these gun safes come up with long life ranging in months, so you do not have to take the trouble of charging it every now and then.
  • Emergency control – in case of a situation when your gun safe’s batteries are completely discharged and you do not have time to charge it and open the safe, there is a secret screw in the box that opens only with a tool that comes with the gun safe. Though, for the long term and constant security, that tool should also be securely kept.
  • Capacity – biometric gun safe’s are generally developed with a big capacity to hold guns of variable sizes and are strong enough to take on weights of heavy guns too.

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