Best In Wall Gun Safes

Gun safes are also mounted on walls with different lock mechanism as per the user’s preference. A typical or an old and conventional wall gun safe would be nothing but drilling an appropriate sized and shaped hole in the wall and placing your case inside it with the guns in it. But today, when you look for options, there are wall gun safes that are priced extremely higher and the reason for it is that they are now developed with advanced locking mechanisms like digital locks or biometric. Also, the wall safes are available in different shapes and size specific to the type of guns they are made for. All these factors have made choosing a wall gun safe quite critical.

Hide Your Guns In The Walls By Wall Gun Safes

Influencing factors

Height and width – based on the size of your gun, you need to evaluate and close down the most appropriate size and shape that would fit all your guns easily.

Type of locking mechanism – depending upon the vulnerability of the place and location where you plan to install the safe, the intensity and type of locking mechanism would also differ.

Depth – before buying or fitting the wall gun safe, it is very important to find the depth required because often the walls are not thick enough to accommodate the gun safe and hence needs to be hanged out. This would definitely not look good as far as the aesthetics of the house are concerned.

Price – ultimately, things come down to your budget, so give equal preference to this parameter too and select the one with the best possible features coming right under your budget.


These wall gun safes are available in a variety of different forms and structures with a range of features to choose from. Some of the generic ones are as below –

Padding – many gun safes come with comfortable padding inside to keep your valuables safe from any physical damages.

Shelves – many large gun safes come with multiple shelves for you to segregate your guns and arrange them the way you want them to.

Door type – Wall gun safes are available in different types of doors like sliding, or back to back. You could choose the one based on the space constraint and the aesthetics of your house.

Strength – they are made up of hard and thick steel that makes it powerful against any forceful damage to it.

Factors to be considered while selecting a safe
There are a few factors that should be evaluated as per your personal needs when you decide to purchase a wall gun safe.

Panel designs – the front panel of the safe that you use to lock and unlock it should be easy to use, durable and also reliable against any kind of thefts. There are many safes that come with plastic panels that are not durable and in the course of time starts wearing and tearing out.

Sound options – When you press any button on the panel, there might be beep sounds enabled. You should have options to enable or disable it as per your requirements. Although it is advised to keep it open so that you know of any unauthorized access to the safe.

Installation – the installation process should be easy and less time-consuming.

Wall gun safes are one of the most adopted methods especially by the gun enthusiasts as these safes are easy to hide behind the walls and are also good enough to merge with the interiors of your house. With so many options available today, it is just a matter of careful evaluation of your criteria and available features and selecting the best fit.

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